やしの実通信 by Dr Rieko Hayakawa



"Actually, we want to return them to Japan. Our Congress members in particular feel very strongly about that."

Seven or eight years ago now? That's what a US embassy official told me at a cocktail party in one of the Micronesian countries.

The United States has supported them for nearly 80 years, but they could not have economic independence. It is useless to support them. I also heard such words from a US government official.

On the contrary, US expert in the region, told me.

"The US has done nothing. The only thing we can be proud of is the Micronesia Seminar organised by Fr Hezel. The congressmen are not interested in any of it."


US interest in the Micronesian region has been particularly missing since the end of the Cold War. It has already been more than 30 years.

However, there has been some positive news. A bipartisan group of lawmakers has officially launched the Indo-Pacific Task Force. The co-chairs are Hon Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen (R-American Samoa) and Hon Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan (D-CNMI) of the Northern Mariana Islands. In fact, the US has a vast EEZ in the Pacific Ocean with many inhabited and uninhabited island territories forming it.

Task force formed to curb China’s growing influence in the Pacific region


A public hearing was held earlier in the day and Cleo Paskal, who was the witness, sent me a link to the video. She has written influential articles with sharp criticism of China. However, she is not an expert on the region. This is not a personal criticism, but something I found out in my correspondence with her. She would know nothing of the international legal arguments for Japanese rule in the South Seas, for example. She is also unaware of the problems with the US trusteeship system and the Free Association. She is also unaware that the US military destroyed the infrastructure built during the Japanese period in Palau and left it as it was.

There is a report on US policy towards the three Micronesian states with which the US has a free association, formulated by eminent members such as Philip Davidson, David Stilwell and Robert Underwood. I re-read this yesterday.

Unlike Ms Paskal, they understand the regional sensitivities with regard to China.

For example, in the following sections

...nor should it provide Pacific Island governments with unsolicited warnings about the dangers of Chinese investment, as such warnings are Instead, Washington should work constructively towards providing a meaningful alternative to China's economic and security assistance that acknowledges the priority concerns of Pacific Islands peoples ...

Good or bad, both Japan and the US depend on China for much of their economies. I have advised Mr Paskal on several occasions.

'You know the story of the sun and the north wind, don't you? Before criticising China, US should accelerate their support for the island states.'

However, I have also heard that the US has no intention of taking responsibility for the region, as the US already has liberated them from Japan (although they did not ask) and helped them. I would like to call on the bipartisan Indo-Pacific Task Force of the United States to cooperate with Japan. Japan has special feelings for the Pacific, especially for Micronesia, the former South Seas territory. It should be willing to prov ide any amount of support.




China’s Influence on the Freely Associated States of the Northern Pacific

SEPTEMBER 2022 | NO. 5








他方この地域の研究者であるGerard Finin博士からは

「米国はミクロネシアに何もして来なかった。唯一誇れるのがFr Hezelが主催してきたMicronesia Seminarです。国会議員は一切関心を持っていません」





しかし明るい情報が舞い込んだ。超党派の国会議員がインド太平洋タスクフォースを正式に立ち上げたという。共同議長は米領サモアのAumua Amata Coleman Radewagen(R-American Samoa)と北マリアナ諸島のGregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan(D-CNMI)である。実は米国は太平洋に広大なEEZを持っているがそれを形成する多くの有人・無人島領土がある。



早速公聴会が開催され、公聴人となった畏友Cleo Paskalからビデオのリンクが送られてきた。彼女は鋭い中国批判で影響力のある記事を書いてきた。しかしこの地域の専門家ではない。個人批判ではなく彼女とのやりとりの中で分かったことだ。日本の南洋統治の国際法の議論等知らない。米国の信託統治制度や自由連合の問題点も知らないであろう。

米国が自由連合を締結するミクロネシア三カ国への政策についてはPhilip Davidson, David Stilwell Robert Underwoodといった錚々たるメンバーが策定した報告書がある。これを昨日再読した。