やしの実通信 by Dr Rieko Hayakawa




The National Security Office (NSO) was established on March 10, 2021, in Palau, which became independent in 1994. The NSO was established by Presidential Executive Order 445. As one might imagine, this seems in response to the commitment of the U.S. military, including Secretary of Defense Esper, who had visited Palau the year before.

What makes this matter different for me is that the person in charge of this new organization is Ms. Jennifer Anson. Not only have I been in business contact with her since the launch of the Micronesian Maritime Security Project in 2008, but I have also been in touch with her off the job.

I was not the only one who was fed up with the project, which had become a concession for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) Japan and the Japan Coast Guard, as well as for the Palau Ministry of Justice, the U.S. military, and the Australian military. In the midst of all this, Ms. Anson asked me privately to cooperate in supporting Palau Judo Kids.

One of the problems faced by the Palauan Kids was drugs. This was also a request from the late President Nakamura. He said,  "Marijuana is no problem, because we don't have money. But methamphetamine, ice is problem. It destroys children's brains."

The U.S. government also asked me to help them in their fight against the Chinese mafia, the Triad, which had infiltrated Palau. For several years, I experienced an intelligence war like the one in the novel. Then came the establishment of the Palau National Security Office. I felt a great sense of relief that my role was over.

But then, I was told, "You should help us." The theme of the request for cooperation is the topic of my second PhD, which I started at Doshisha University in 2017, on maritime security, which I launched alone in 2008. For the past two years, I have suggested and shared information. The most important point is the self-determination and sovereignty of small countries.

In June 2022, the Palau National Security Strategy was released, and EEZ management is one of its main themes. As I read the document, I found myself thinking, "Oh, my suggestions are reflected in these part?" However, I must point out that this strategy is a policy document for Palau by Palauans, led by Ms. Jennifer Anson, without the help of so-called foreign experts, which is very valuable in itself after looking at the Pacific Islands for almost 40 years.

The Palau nation anthem is the top of this strategic document. The Palauan original has been translated into English, so I will translate it into Japanese.

It is clear that the Palau National Security Strategy was prepared with the intent of what is written in the National Anthem. In particular the "safety and security" section appears frequently in the document.










安全、安心 という箇所は文書によく出てくる。







神よ、我が国、我が島の故郷に常に祝福を。古来よりの我らの愛しき遺産を。我らに勇気と力とすべての 権利を与えたまえ 永遠に統治するために